Dr. Song is a best-in-class professional acupuncture practitioner and physician. I cannot say enough good things about her true dedication to her patients, her effective methods and her astounding results.

When a local hospital mistakenly gave me a triple dose of oxycodone after a total knee replacement surgery that caused me to hallucinate and convulse, and poisoned my body so it would not tolerate any type of opiate painkillers, I was at a loss as to how to manage my knee pain post-surgery. My physicians suggested Tylenol, but it was ineffective in alleviating my intense pain. I was exceptionally slow to make any progress in Physical Therapy, because of the excruciating pain that I was suffering. I could not function normally during the day; and during the night, I could not sleep. I was miserable.

I decided to turn to acupuncture for knee pain relief. Dr. Song was very attentive, compassionate and knowledgeable about how to treat my condition. Her amazing professional expertise that integrates her extensive background in both Eastern/Western medicine and acupuncture, was the catalyst to my relief. Dr. Song was able to permanently stop my knee pain in only 3 visits. Managing my pain allowed me to manage my stress, and to leap forward with my Physical Therapy goals. I attribute my relief and healing progress to Dr. Song. She is an A++.

I would recommend Dr. Song very strongly and without hesitation as an exceptional healer and physician. She is totally ethical, talented, sensitive, professional, brilliant and caring. She can supplement Western medical techniques with acupuncture for optimal results.

Thank you, Dr. Song, for giving my pain-free life back to me! 

J.S. Lutian, Bellevue, WA



Dr. Song is a wonderful acupuncturist.  She has solved lower back and knee pain for me several times.  My injuries are associated with over exercise, yet are a huge distraction when they occur.  Her treatments are almost magical - of course, I know that acupuncture is based on true science.  However, Dr. Song's mix of acupuncture, massage, and natural medicine (when needed) provide a holistic approach to healthcare.  She truly understands the interconnectedness of the body.  It's magical to me because she gets it right every time.  I highly recommend Dr. Song.

Lise G


Dr. Song is a skilled practitioner. I have been her patient first for relief from painful periods, then to regulate, drug-free, my menstrual cycle, and finally to help me conceive my first child at age 43. She has achieved all three of these goals! Dr. Song's training and expertise in acupuncture is an essential part of my health care, and has achieved what western medicine simply did not.

Michelle E


My mother suffered a stroke about twelve years ago, leading to paralysis and lose of cognitive ability. Her L. side was severely neglected. She had multiple falls while she was in the nursing home.  She was unable to comply with the physical, speech, or occupational therapy.  
My husband and I have been concerned about her prognosis.  Her physical therapist highly recommended that we consult Dr. Song. 
Dr. Song spent the time that was needed to access the situation and answered all our questions.   She is a compassionate listener.  She performed a thorough examination and  formed treatment plan.  During the first meeting, Dr. Song displayed competence and professionalism which greatly impressed us.

Under Dr. Song's care, my mother significantly increased her L. side strength and eliminated the falls.  She improved from needing a wheel chair when she left the nursing home to walking without assistance in a few years.  She can even handle stairs.
Dr. Song's acupuncture plays important role in my mother's post stoke life. 

We highly recommend Dr. Song to other patient.

Elizabeth Y.


FIBROMYALGIA: In my 30's I began feeling extreme fatigue with generalized aches and pains kind of like flu symptoms on a daily basis diagnosed as fibromyalgia 10 years later. I  tried many different medications and exercise programs, even becoming part of a fibromyalgia study. The medications did not help and I was too tired most of the time to do the exercises.

A friend at work told me how she had been helped by Dr. Song. I gave her a call and started treating in ********************. After about 2-3 weeks I noticed an improvement in the pain. As I continued my treatment I began having more energy, and noticed an improvement in my overall health.

ASTHMA: As long as I can remember I have had asthma. Through my treatments with Dr. Song I have been able to cut back on my inhaled steroids from twice a day to once a day. Acupuncture has helped me to relax and breath easier.

LEG WOUNDS AND SCARS: In 2010 I noticed a mole on my right leg below the knee. After MOHS surgery requiring 22 stitches for removal of squamous cell carcinoma I was left with quite a large angry looking scar. After several treatments my scar is no longer irregular and only partially discolored. Prior to this surgery I had a vein removed from my left leg causing it to constantly swell at the ankle. The surgery left me with indents and keloids at the points of incision. Through a series of acupuncture treatments I no longer experience swelling. The indentations are gone and the keloid discoloring has nearly faded away.

OSTEOARTHRITIS: I have had intense hip pain, pain in my fingers, wrists and knees which have all disappeared after acupuncture treatment with Dr. Song. Some areas were relieved after just one treatment and others after only several.

TMJ: I was told I have TMJ and should wear a night guard. After just 1 acupuncture treatment with Dr. Song I never experienced the pain again.

MOTION SICKNESS: My husband and I have had a sailboat in the past and I was unable to go out without getting queasy which always ruined my time on the water. I asked Dr. Song to see if she could help. I am very happy to report that even several years later after acupuncture treatment with Dr. Song that this past spring in Key West on a boat in 4 foot waves I still experienced no symptoms of sea sickness and enjoyed our time on the water.

MIGRAINE: I have suffered from migraines for years. Dr. Song has been able to help give me relief and reduce the number of headaches I get while giving me home treatment remedies.

STRESS: I recently retired from a very stressful workplace. Dr. Song helped me by addressing my whole immune system rather than a single symptom which relaxed and helped me to cope with any situation.

DIGESTIVE DISORDER: I am a Celiac who had suffered for many years before being diagnosed. Traditional medicine offered me drugs that would address the symptoms, but never allow me to function without them. For me, acupuncture effectively treated symptoms that would not go away even after following a gluten free diet allowing me to no longer need my drugs. My chronic pain has been alleviated leaving me with regular bowel movements and no more of that uncomfortable tummy feeling.

COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE: As someone who wants to age gracefully , but not quickly I began treatment with Dr. Song to soften my wrinkles. I was very happy and impressed with the treatment. It was comfortable and very relaxing leaving me with a healthier looking appearance that did not go away after I left her office. Lines and wrinkles seemed to soften and in some areas on my face even vanish. I would recommend this holistic approach to skin care over the other traditional medicine treatments available. I come in every now and then when I feel I need an overall boost.  I know I will never feel like I am 20 again, but since I am closing in on 63 do I really want to?

I often tell Dr. Song that she "keeps me between the lines". In truth she has helped me to enjoy my life for the first time in many years free of chronic pain and unnecessary medications. I leave her office each time feeling completely relaxed and almost floating on air. I find that I am more energized and ready to take on whatever comes my way. I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Song  for helping me. I know that whatever comes next that Dr. Song will be there to help me continue to enjoy a more active less painful life.

Dr. Song is a powerful healer. Her vast knowledge of natural health and Chinese medical principles are supported by intuitive wisdom and gentle but confident touch. My life has been greatly transformed by working with and simply knowing Dr. Song.

Leigh H  

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I first called Dr. Song in the winter of 2001 after being diagnosed with an acute case of nasal polyps which caused me to lose my sense of smell and reduced my taste to sweet, salty, sour, and bitter—my ability to enjoy the subtle flavors of different foods had completely disappeared and my loss of smell was so acute that I was unable to smell burnt toast, even if I was holding it right underneath my nose. My diagnosis was provided by a top Seattle doctor in asthma and allergy whose recommendation was that I begin a strong course of oral steroids to help reduce the swelling in my nasal passages—she warned me that full relief from my symptoms was virtually impossible because, she explained, most people diagnosed with such a severe case of polyps never fully recover their ability to smell and taste.

Seeking an alternative path of care, a friend suggested that I call the acupuncturist with whom she’d worked, Dr. Song. Dr. Song’s response to my diagnosis was the exact opposite of the doctor who provided my diagnosis. It became quickly apparent that Dr. Song’s approach to health and healing is holistic in nature—she reviewed many aspects of my lifestyle and general well-being, asking focused questions about my stress level, recent life changes, and other aspects of my overall health, rather than focusing only on my diagnosis, to capture a more complete picture of my health. My first appointment lasted almost one hour; by the end, Dr. Song reassured me that acupuncture could successfully treat my condition.

I have been working with Dr. Song for more than ten years now and I continue to seek her care and expertise to optimize my health and well-being. Acupuncture was successful in curing me of nasal polyps and my sense of smell and taste was fully restored within the first nine months of treatments. While my path to healing may have been a little slower than conventional western medicine’s approach, the results have endured—I have continued to smell and taste over the last nine, plus, years without the use of drugs. Indeed, looking back, I can now confidently say that oral steroids would have only provided temporary relief from my problem, not a long-term solution.

Dr. Song provides her patients with expert care, in a calm setting, that is holistic in its approach. It’s clear that she genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being and that she is dedicated to her profession and her patients in a way that is often hard to find in other doctors.

Dr. Song is not only my doctor, but she is also a trusted friend. I highly recommend Dr. Song as a care provider. Indeed, I have recommended her to countless friends for different reasons over the last ten years and they too, have come to understand why acupuncture is an excellent choice in one’s healthcare and why Dr. Song is an exceptional doctor.